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Welcome Back Cookie & Brownie Box

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Show your returning employees how much you appreciate them with our handcrafted Welcome Back Cookie & Brownie Box! This charming package goes beyond the standard basket or impersonal gift, offering a delightful selection of homemade treats that are sure to warm hearts and create a welcoming atmosphere.

Choose Your Favorite Cookies (1 dozen): Select traditional soft chocolate chip so everyone can enjoy or slightly healthier oatmeal raisin for a warmer touch to their return. 

Choose Your Brownie Bliss:

Select Your Welcome Back Heritage Pastries: Add a touch of tradition and elegance with our delicious

Why Choose the Welcome Back Cookie & Brownie Box?

  • Handmade with Love: Each cookie, pastry, and brownie is crafted with care using premium ingredients, creating a truly special and personal gesture.
  • More Than Just a Gift: Our treats are a delicious way to show your employees you care about their well-being and appreciate their hard work.
  • Perfect for Everyone: This delightful assortment caters to a variety of tastes and preferences, ensuring there's something everyone will enjoy.
  • Ideal for Sharing: The box is perfectly sized for small teams or individual desks, fostering a sense of community and connection.

Make it Extra Special: Themed Cut-Out Cookie (Optional Add-On)

We recommend adding a personalized touch with a themed cut-out cookie! Choose from baby cut outs to celebration cookies to seasonal and more! These adorable cookies, featuring various shapes and colors, can further celebrate the reason for your team's return. See seasonal cut outs here

Currently this package is for shipping only. 

Order your Welcome Back Cookie & Brownie Box today and create a lasting impression that welcomes your employees back with warmth and appreciation!