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Gourmet Brownie - Triple Chocolate - 6 pack

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Triple the Chocolate, Triple the Bliss: Dive into Our Decadent Brownies!

Calling all chocolate fanatics! Craving a pure chocohollic experience that takes your taste buds on a thrilling ride? Our Triple Chocolate Brownies are your answer!

Prepare to be indulged by:

    • A symphony of chocolate: Rich Belgian cocoa powder forms the base, studded with generous amounts of both white vanilla and semi-sweet chocolate chips, creating a textural and flavor explosion in every bite.
    • Luscious ganache icing: Our signature, house-made chocolate ganache drizzled on top adds a smooth, decadent finish that elevates this treat to a whole new level.
    • Individually-sized perfection: Each brownie weighs a satisfying 5 oz, offering the perfect portion for indulging solo or sharing with a loved one (though we won't blame you if you keep them all to yourself!).
    • Freshly baked goodness: We bake our brownies daily using premium ingredients and traditional methods, guaranteeing unbeatable taste and texture.

But don't just take our word for it! Our customers consistently rave about these brownies, calling them:

    • "Pure chocoholic nirvana!"
    • "The most decadent brownies I've ever had!"
    • "A perfect gift for any chocolate lover!"

Indulge in a box of 6 Triple Chocolate Brownies today and experience the chocoholic bliss for yourself!

Each brownie: 5 oz.