Welcome to our world of sweetness and dreams

Linda's Kitchen was established in 1995 in Tallmadge, Ohio. Founder Linda Lorkowski (former school teacher) started out her own kitchen with unwavering dedication to time-honored recipes, premium ingredients, meticulous attention to detail, and surpassing customer expectations over more than 25 years now. Linda has been awarded by her unique recipes and a guest on multiple tv shows through the years.

Our love for handmade high quality baked goods has propelled Linda's Kitchen to become a purveyor of sweetness across the nation.

Linda's Kitchen has a loyal and growing customer base to whom we serve with a fervent commitment to crafting the most delectable and high-quality baked goods in town. Our handcrafted confections have graced doorsteps far and wide, spreading joy and delectable flavors to every corner of the country.

Today Linda's Kitchen has expanded beyond making cookies, we have all sorts of different pastries and we have baking classes for adults and kids throughout the year. If you haven't met us yet, it is time we do. 

Welcome to Linda's Kitchen! 


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