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Baking Since 1995

Since its establishment in 1995, Linda's Kitchen has stood as a beacon of artisanal excellence, curated with passion by founder Linda Lorkowski. Linda started baking out of her own kitchen, embodying the essence of familial connection, Linda's Kitchen warmly welcomes all into its embrace, infusing each pastry with the cherished traditions of home.

Linda perfected her recipes over the last 30 years, with a mix of classic cookies and her Eastern European heritage. Every artisanal creation tells a story of tradition and flavor, crafted from time-honored recipes and premium ingredients.‌

Rooted in an unwavering commitment to detail and a dedication to exceeding expectations, Linda's Kitchen has flourished into a nationwide symbol of sweetness, spreading joy and delight across the country for almost 30 years. From our kitchen to your table, every bite serves as a reminder of love, warmth, and the enduring bonds of community and family.

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