The women behind Linda's Kitchen

The women behind Linda's Kitchen

Jul 30, 2020Carmi S.


Did you know that Linda's Kitchen is run by a team of women?

In 1995, Founder and CEO, Linda Lorkowski started to bake from her home in Tallmadge, Ohio. She had the idea to generate extra income for her household while doing something she utterly loved: BAKING. Little did she know that this would be the beginning of a great journey. 

Linda's Kitchen is a women and run small business. 

Today, 25 years later, the bakery ships their famous Buttercream Iced Cutout Cookies across the U.S., offering according to many of Linda's Kitchen's customers: "the best baked goods". This journey was a whole learning curve for Linda, from learning how to ship her products across the U.S. without compromising the quality, to the amazing experience of leading a team of women. 

The women behind Linda's Kitchen come from all different backgrounds from college students to retired moms. Some of them had previous experience baking, others had a keen eye for artistry making them excellent cookie and cupcake decorators. No matter their previous experiences, they all share the passion for baking.

While the "Kitchen" had been growing steadily, they had to overcome many challenges through the years, probably as most small businesses do. The odds are for a small bakery don't go beyond 2.5 years. Yet, Linda's Kitchen remained strong. While there is a lot of uncertainty for all small businesses in 2020, there's no doubt that the relentless leadership of Linda, and the talented women behind Linda's Kitchen are pushing forward, and they will still make an important part of this adventure. 

If you have the opportunity, choose to support a small business.


And if you still have not tried Linda's Kitchen's cookies yet, this is your chance!


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