May 20, 2020Linda Lorkowski
Hallelujah! Effective immediately we have constructed a pick-up window on the right side of our building. So at this point you may: 

1. Call to place an order, pay for it online or on the phone, drive to our bakery and pick up your order.
2.  You can drive to the bakery, go to the pick-up window, place your order and wait for it and pay for it right there without coming in. 
Please note our window is not manned throughout the day but we have 
This is easier for you and safer for everyone. Our first concern is always going to be your safety and that of our employees. That is not to say you can't come inside as well but social distancing regulations will apply and masks are required.  
We hope Linda's Kitchen can make this 2020 sweeter. We are very excited to see you again.
Linda's Kitchen Team

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