From our kitchen to your home!

From our kitchen to your home!

Jan 21, 2020Linda Lorkowski
When we opened up our Kitchen in 1995, Linda Lorkowski, Founder of Linda’s Kitchen committed to making the best tasting, highest quality baked goods in town. She combined time-tested recipes, the finest ingredients, a painstaking attention to detail, and a passion for exceeding our customers’ expectations.
Today our bakery has become a tradition not only in Tallmadge, Ohio where it started, but also nation-wide growing up with customers who indulge from our sweet creations.
Linda’s Kitchen is synonym of quality, we never compromise quality!. We’re always looking for new ways to deliver old-world goodness to our busy customers and friends. That's why thousands of people choose Linda’s Kitchen to make every occasion more special.
Linda L.
P.S. We hope you enjoy our new website!

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