Covid 19 Response

Covid 19 Response

Apr 01, 2020Linda Lorkowski

The Covid 19 crisis has touched all of our lives in so many personal ways and we want to be there for our loved ones, give them a hug and take care of them, but we can't. 

We at Linda's Kitchen know this from first hand experience. From having family members working on the front lines, to those who are at high risk, to the many, many people who've lost their jobs.

We also know this: pastry is a comfort food.

Linda's Kitchen has been open to the public for 20 years and shipping pastry across the U.S. for over 10 years now. During this crisis we are trying to supply our customers through curbside pick up and shipping. Although, not all of products are available through our new website, our team decided to offer our customers favorites as well as the ones that are proven to ship best. 

Do you have an elderly parent, relative or neighbor who could use a special treat while they're in quarantine?

Do you know of someone who lost their job and could use some cheering up?

Do you know someone who's sick and needs something to brighten their day?

Or do you want to send a thank you to all those on the front lines? 

Or maybe you just need a sweet. Linda's Kitchen is here!

We'll get through this together.


Linda Lorkowski

Founder and CEO

Linda's Kitchen

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