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Traditional Poppy Seed Roll

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A Taste of Eastern European Tradition: Our Beloved Poppy Seed Roll (Makowiec)

Embark on a delicious journey to Eastern Europe with our authentic poppy seed roll, also known as makowiec. This treasured treat, once a staple on Polish Easter and Christmas tables, has now captured the hearts (and taste buds) of families across America.

Indulge in a Delightful Experience:

    • Layers of Richness: Imagine biting into soft, pillowy dough that unfolds to reveal a generous swirl of our signature poppy seed filling. Each layer is crafted with authentic methods and premium ingredients.
    • Timeless Recipe: We stay true to traditional Polish recipes, using high-quality poppy seeds ground to perfection for a burst of flavor and texture.
    • Nostalgic Taste: Share the joy of this beloved dessert with your loved ones, creating new memories or rekindling cherished ones from childhood celebrations.
    • Perfect for Any Occasion: Enjoy it as a special treat during holidays, share it at gatherings, or indulge in a slice for a satisfying afternoon snack.

Why It's a Customer Favorite:

    • Unique Flavor: Customers love the distinctive flavor and texture of our poppy seed filling, made with high-quality ingredients and traditional methods.
    • Generous Size: Each roll is a whopping 12 inches long and weighs approximately 19-20 ounces, ensuring there's enough to share or savor yourself.
    • Made with Love: We bake our poppy seed rolls with passion and care, bringing a taste of authentic tradition to every slice.
    • More Than Just a Dessert: This roll is a versatile treat that can be enjoyed on its own, paired with coffee or tea, or incorporated into dessert spreads.

Don't just take our word for it! Here's what our customers are saying:

    • "This poppy seed roll is absolutely delicious! It tastes just like my grandma used to make."
    • "It's the perfect centerpiece for our Easter and Christmas celebrations! Everyone loves it."
    • "The quality and flavor are unmatched. This is our new go-to dessert for any occasion."
    • "It's such a unique and satisfying treat. I love the poppy seed filling!"

Ready to experience the tradition and deliciousness of our poppy seed roll? Order yours today and discover why it's a beloved favorite among our customers!