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Cut Out Cookies - Mini Daisies - 2 dozen per set

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Mini Daisies: A Touch of Cheer for Any Occasion

Celebrate the simple joys with Mini Daisies! These charming flowers boast clusters of brightly colored, miniature blooms that add a touch of sunshine to your day.

Perfect for a Variety of Events:

  • Bridal Showers: Add a touch of delicate elegance to your celebration.
  • Birthdays: Brighten someone's special day with a burst of color.
  • Picnics: Create a cheerful and inviting tablescape.
  • Everyday Moments: Bring a smile to your face with their whimsical charm.

What You'll Love:

  • Vibrant Colors: A delightful mix of colors to complement any decor.
  • Delicate Blooms: Clusters of tiny flowers create a delightful visual texture.
  • Easy to Arrange: Their petite size makes them perfect for small vases and creative arrangements.
  • Packaged for Convenience: Arrives ready to brighten your event in a 2-dozen bundle.

Bring a touch of whimsy and floral delight to your next celebration with Mini Daisies!