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Office Party Nut Roll Kolachi, Cookie, & Brownie Bundle

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Liven up your office gatherings with our delectable Office Party Bundle, designed to delight every palate and bring joy to any occasion. Say goodbye to mundane meetings and boring break rooms – these treats are sure to spark conversation and create lasting memories.

Make your life simple! Treat everyone to gourmet pastries without the hassle; make it a routine to customize and ship ahead and forget the fuss. 

What's Included:

  • Choose Your Cookie Delight (2 Dozen):
  • Sweet Roll Variety: Choose either a Nut Roll or Poppy Seed Roll for a delightful addition to your spread.
  • Brownie Assortment (6-Pack): Indulge in a selection of our rich, chewy brownies. Choose from Raspberry Bars, White Chocolate Raspberry Brownies, Walnut Brownies, Turtle Brownies, Triple Chocolate Brownies, or adopted Raspberry Bar (not technically brownie, but we love it anyway).

Why Choose the Office Party Bundle?

  • Freshly Baked, Homemade Goodness: Every item is made with love and care, using the finest ingredients.
  • Variety for All Tastes: With cookies, brownies, and sweet rolls, there's something for everyone.
  • Easy and Convenient: Our ready-to-serve treats take the hassle out of party planning.
  • Perfect for Any Occasion: Celebrate birthdays, milestones, holidays, or just a regular Tuesday.

Monthly or Weekly Treats:

Keep your office energized with a monthly rotation of our Office Party Bundle. Choose a new combination of cookies, brownies, and rolls each month to keep things fresh and exciting. Or, order multiple bundles at once and freeze the treats for easy access throughout the week. Simply thaw and enjoy!

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Make your next office party a sweet success with our Office Party Bundle!