Client Gifts Tips

Client Gifts Tips

May 18, 2024Linda Lorkowski

The Client Gift That Seals the Deal: Why Gourmet Cookies Are Your Secret Weapon 🍪

Picture this: you've just wrapped up a successful project with a high-value client. The usual "thank you" gift basket feels... underwhelming. How can you express your appreciation in a way that's both memorable and meaningful?

The answer might surprise you: gourmet cookies. 🎁

Client Gifting Challenges: Solved with Gourmet Cookies 🍪

Finding the perfect client gift is like navigating a maze: You want something that makes a statement, but not something that's overly flashy. It needs to be personal, but not too personal. And above all, it has to be something they'll actually enjoy. Sound familiar?

Gourmet cookies offer the sweet spot solution:

  • The "Wow" Factor, Without the Gimmick: Handmade cookies with unique flavors and beautiful presentation impress without feeling over-the-top.
  • Conversation Starters, Not Dust Collectors: Unlike generic gifts, gourmet cookies spark conversations and create shared moments of enjoyment.
  • Thoughtfulness Made Delicious: A curated selection of cookies shows you've gone the extra mile to find something special.
  • A Gift They'll Actually Use (and Love!): Who doesn't love delicious cookies? It's a universally appreciated treat, sure to brighten their day.

Unlock the Power of Personalization 🔐

Every client is unique. Cater to their preferences for a truly impactful gift:

Client Profile Perfect Cookie Picks
Chocolate Enthusiasts🍫
Traditionalists with a Sweet Tooth 🍪
Health-Conscious Professionals 🌱

Strategic Gifting: Timing is Everything

Don't just save gifts for the holidays. Make a lasting impression with these timely gestures:

"Thank You" After a Major Project: A box of gourmet cookies is a delicious way to show appreciation for their hard work.
"Just Closed!" Celebration: Congratulate clients on a new deal with a celebratory treat box they can share with their team.
Thinking of You During Tough Times: A thoughtful gift shows you care beyond just business.

Story from the editor (not Linda):
"About a decade ago, when I needed to push on a few big deals I had been working on for 6+ months, I leaned into anything I could to close the deal. You know what really worked? Surprisingly well? 

-I brought in brownies, coffee cakes, and cookies to meetings that I scheduled at 11:30AM. WHY? In retail I learnt from the insanely smart guys who built Madison Avenue years ago that this was one of the 'sugar hours'. (Actually, many large companies have enough data to figure out the exact minutes). I was working for a small company at the time, so any influence in pushing a deal was critical. The result? Because everyone on the room was hungry (usually cheating on their diet if it was easy), not only did I get the attention of those I needed to push, other executives and stakeholders started to show up just for the cookies... they were more pleasant... and things got done!! When I first started to deploy this method, I spent under $150 in Linda's Kitchen cookies (then), and returned with several 5 and 6-figure deals in under 6 weeks. Since then, if I have a chance; I always deploy this method. Best of all, Linda's Kitchen cookies can be shipped.

So ship them, freeze them already labeled for the clients, then follow the thaw instructions hours before your meetings, and move the deals!


Your Gourmet Gifting Partner

Linda's Kitchen specializes in handcrafted gourmet cookies that elevate any client relationship. Let us help you create lasting connections, one delicious bite at a time! 

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